Cutting tools Mitre blades

Mitre blades

Carbide Tipped Saws for Miter Saw Machines California Triple Chip design of tooth is the perfect choice for the picture frame industry. Bur-free cuts in aluminum and other non ferrous metals. Cuts clean wood and wood products. Works in miter saw, compound miter saw and sliding compound saw. 0 to -5° hook.

Tool No.DiameterTeethKerfBore
8.5-48 ATBATB Neg.8 1/2"48.100" (2.6mm)
10-72 ATBATB 0º10"72.126" (3.2mm)
12-96 TNATB Neg.12"96.134" (3.4mm)
13-80 N/FTCG Neg.13" (330mm)80.126" (3.2mm)
15-100N/FTCG Neg.15" (380mm)100.126" (3.2mm)

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